Victoria About Me Portrait

I am an artist, designer and crafter. A doer. A chameleon. A creative soul.  

I’m a solo female traveler, a spontaneous adventurer, a romantic, a travel-sketchbook keeper, rock climber, aerial fitness enthusiast, environmentalist and animal lover. 

…But back to professionalism.

My creative career began with a spectacular ballpoint pen mural on my parents’ white leather couch at age 1 and 1/2.

I received a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from Syracuse University’s Visual and Performing Arts college, graduating summa cum laude. In 2011 I studied abroad for a semester in Florence, Italy, which is where I learned to speak Italian and caught a permanent case of the travel bug. That semester and throughout my college career I studied not only drawing, painting and principles of design but printmaking, animation, jewelry making, pottery, wheelthrowing, art and design history, poetry and creative writing.

I have 4 years of print production experience as a flexo digital prepress operator, so I know what it takes to design for print and how to prepare clean, printable files that will look optimal on press. I have experience color correcting, typesetting, designing printed materials for the company and clients, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. I’ve gained valuable experience as a graphic designer and marketing specialist at Catch Fire Marketing where I balanced many creative and production-based tasks in a fast-paced, high project turnover environment while attending to the company marketing plan. I created content for and maintained the company social media channels as well as updating the website and providing customer service. I understand social media and the hot marketing trends of my generation. I’ve enjoyed helping companies getting on their feet with sophisticated branding. I am also freelance artist and designer with logos, branding, album art, web graphics, product labels, business cards, T-shirts and other promotional materials under my belt.  Finally, I run a small business under the name Deja Vu Creative, selling my handmade jewelry on my online Etsy shop and at craft markets, acting as my own designer, marketer, maker, merchandiser, photographer, purchaser, booth vendor and shipper.

If you’re wondering why there’s an odd gap in my resume…. In 2018 I left New York and left everything behind (including fear and personal excuses) to pursue a few dreams of mine. I solo backpacked a 285 mile section of the Appalachian Trail through North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia for a month. I then bought a one-way plane ticket and backpacked abroad for the next 7 months, traveling to Thailand, Cambodia, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Portugal, Spain and the U.K. While abroad I worked for a hostel in Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia, for 2 months and painted a mural on the one of the walls. When I returned home I embarked on a grand road trip around the United States to seek out a new city in which to relocate, and landed in Denver, Colorado.

This unconventional year and a half has undoubtably taught me invaluable skills that I can apply towards any career and in my daily life- independence, creativity, social skills, collaborating, problem solving and keeping a cool head when things inevitably go wrong.